Much of my work would be classed as 'wearable props' – including Pantomime Dame costumes such as grand pianos, psychedelic mini cars and ketchup bottles. My larger animal costumes get the most attention particularly when made as a chorus of 6 or 8. You can't ignore 8 penguins tap dancing to 42nd street across a stage now can you !

I first started work in the theatre as a dresser for Birmingham Rep. and went on to co-found “ Dept. X”,  a department dedicated to making everything that the Costume Department said was a prop and everything the Prop Department said was a costume. During this time I developed a particular interest in millenery, which continues to this day.

I studied for my degree at the Chelsea School of Art and took up freelance work during my years as a student.  Some of my first work was with the BBC, which was literally just down the road.

I learned the skill and importance of producing strong, durable costumes over many years of making for programmes such as 'It's a Knockout'.

In the past years I have worked for  theatres, entertainment centres and advertising companies both in the UK and worldwide.

Although I often work in close collaboration with a designer, I can also be responsible for the “complete job” from initial concepts to design through to making and completion. I love inventing each costume and seeing it come to life.

I am skilled in the use of a variety of materials and give a great deal of attention to choosing the right products for the intended costume . As you will see from the photos I make frequent use of plastazote, which is affordable, light weight and durable. I enjoy testing new products and materials, often using them in previously unimagined contexts, far removed from their original design intention.

I teach students across a wide age range from primary to degree and I run workshops in costume prop making.

Being self-employed requires organisation and ability to work to deadlines. I have an established reputation , not just for the art but for the quality and reliability of my work.